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How to make money online with Naijamoon

How to make money online with Naijamoon
How Does Naijamoon Works? (Naijamoon Registration and earning process)

Naijamoon income program offers three(3) ways of making money in its program. These are:

Naijamoon Revenue: Here you are paid for reading and commenting on posts, sharing of sponsored post on social media such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

Naijamoon shares its generated revenue with you on monthly basis when you participate in activities.

Naijamoon Affilliate: has to do with connecting or referring others(family, friends, anyone) to come join you make money on the program.

Under this, Naijamoon pays you a 35% =$1.38 (N500) referral profit for anyone that you successfully refer to the program using your referral link. The sweet thing about this is that you can actually make 5k – 15k daily, doing this alone and get paid directly into you bank account every month.

Secondly, Naijamoon pays you between 1k – 5k weekly when you attempt quiz questions correctly and you also stand a chance to get free airtime of your choice. Here, you learn and still make money. Isn’t that wonderful?

Believe me guys you could be earning up to 20k weekly if you take action on this earning platform

The best and easiest ways to earn large on these affiliate platforms is to share your referral link on popular social media like facebook and watsapp

of course you are not just going to share links anyhow to people and expect them to register but write a short description and explain to them what the earning platform is all about

you can create a Whatsapp group where you will invite people to join, then Explain to them how these earning platforms works

am very sure if you apply this tips i just revealed you will earn 40k at the end of the month

How Can I Make Money On Naijamoon?

As a member of Naijamoon, you have 5 options to earn more money to your bank account pay everymonth every month on the Program.

Referring: you earn 35% =$1.38 (N500) per referral, for anyone who registers with your link and you can make 5k-20k daily on this

Reading post, Commenting and Contributing: You earn N2 here per post. you can make N500 daily doing just this.

Sharing sponsored post on Facebook: You earn ($0.28) N100 here daily when you share our sponsored post to Facebook.

You can Make $450 (200k) Monthly reading news on Naijamoon,(you need to work hard to achieve this)


These are the ways to earn from Naijamoon income program;
Naijamoon credit you with $0.28 (N100) everyday for sharing an Assigned sponsored post.
Note: it is not compulsory to share sponsored post. It depend on you, you can decide to do only referring or quiz or subscribe for Bi-monthly profile contest etc. we have multiple ways of earning, If you don’t wish to partake in sponsored post sharing, its up to you and you wont earn and be paid in it as well.
Once you login daily, the system automatically credits you with N150 everyday which is meant for login and sharing of sponsored post by members.
EarnAp credit you N50 for each post you submit for them to publish on the website.
N50 x 2news daily = #100 ($0.28)
$0.28×30=$8.29 (N100x30= N3000)
Naijamoon credit you N2 ($0.28) for each comment you make on post.

How Much is Registerations Fee to Join Naijamoon?

With a one-time registration fee of ₦1,500, you’re set to start making as much as ($100 to $250) ₦50,000 – ₦100k Monthly. Earning made easy!

How Do I Pay For The Registration

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Naijamoon Registration

To Join Naijamoon forum click and click on “Join Naijamoon“ on the homepage

Is Naijamoon Legit And Who is the Founder?

For some wondering whether this program is a scam. The answer is capital NO! Naijamoon program is not and can never be a scam.