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Best world news update
Apple kicked Alex Jones out of the App Store in 2018. The Google Play Store has finally followed suit. : worldnews
Google records everything in voice search on iPhone, Android, desktop : worldnews
A top Google exec pushed the company to commit to human rights. Then Google pushed him out, he says. : worldnews
Apple, Google, Microsoft, Tesla and Dell sued over cobalt mined by children in Congo for batteries : worldnews
Google, Facebook, Neuralink Sued for Weaponized AI Tech Transfer, Complicity to Genocide in China and Endangering Humanity with Misuse of AI : worldnews
Google’s Larry Page gave $400 million in … – worldnews
In the first lawsuit of its kind, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Dell, and Tesla are being sued on behalf of 14 Congolese families whose children were killed or permanently injured while illegally mining cobalt for electronics made by these companies : worldnews
Google Fired an Engineer Who Wrote Code Telling Googlers They Had a Right to Organize : worldnews
Apple and Google named in US lawsuit over Congolese child cobalt mining deaths : worldnews
China orders all foreign-made computers to be removed from state offices. Google, Intel and Microsoft all caught up in ban. : worldnews
Google automatically redirects “chinese detention camp” searches to “Xinjiang re-education-camps” : worldnews
Google is facing another EU probe about how it collects and uses data, months after receiving a $1.7 billion antitrust fine : worldnews
Google bans eight different Tory election adverts as disinformation concerns mount : worldnews
Twitter deletes 20,000 fake accounts linked to Saudi, Serbian and Egyptian governments : worldnews
Google Bans Infowars Android App Over Coronavirus Claims: Apple kicked Alex Jones out of the App Store in 2018. The Google Play Store has finally followed suit.
40,000 people have started an ambitious project of recreating the Earth on scale in Minecraft : worldnews
Great job by Dr. Arturo Casadevall of Johns Hopkins. Use of plasma from recovered patients to treat others. And it’s working. One person’s plasma can treat two sick patients. Also, the Chinese are already donating plasma to Italy. : worldnews
People In Kashmir Can’t Get News About The Coronavirus Because The Indian Government Is Slowing Down Their 4G Internet To 2G
Tinder Users Are Setting Their Locations To Wuhan To Get Coronavirus News (And Pick Up)
China facilitating mass transfer of Uighur Muslims of Xinjiang to factories across China: Report : worldnews
Scam call centre owner in custody after BBC exposé : worldnews
Amazon employee in Seattle tests positive for coronavirus, is in quarantine : worldnews
Australian Associated Press: News agency to close after 85 years
Two german passengers suspected of coronavirus infection on 1200 passenger cruise ship Aida Aura : worldnews
Apple benefits from forced Uighur labor at its iPhone supplier factories in China, according to a new report. : worldnews
Hong Kong authorities said on Friday they quarantined a pet dog of a coronavirus patient after its nasal and oral samples tested “weak positive” for the virus, though they added they did not yet have evidence that it can be transmitted to pets. The dog did not have any symptoms. : worldnews
Dow plunges nearly 1200 points and closes in correction territory as coronavirus fears dog Wall Street : worldnews
Facebook Blocks Alex Tan’s Page Under Singapore’s Fake News Law
Google’s announced timeline for new privacy policy
Facebook to ban ‘deepfakes’ – BBC News
Ex-Googler savages company on human rights
Google Celebrates Nigeria Filmmaker, Amaka Igwe With Doodle
Nearly 500 million animals killed in Australian bushfires : worldnews
PM Morrison rejects calls for cuts to Australia’s vast coal industry in face of a climate-fueled bushfire crisis. Fires destroyed an area the size of Belgium, unleashing toxic smoke into major cities. Australia fossil fuel exports — mostly coal — account for estimated 7% of world’s carbon emissions. : worldnews
Beijing Ban dogs that are larger than 35cm, owners must "deal" with their dogs within 3 days, failure will result in huge penalty, please google translate